Addressing the Challenge of Soft Skills Deficiency in Young Men.

Gentz IQ cultivates empowered and confident leaders.

Young men are encountering obstacles. Traditional learning approaches are inadequate to address the evolving demands.

Gentz IQ is transforming training for organizations with youth development and education focuses through AI-driven micro-lessons and gamified learning experiences.

What Our Beta Testers Are Saying

“Great concept and execution. Excited to see this take off.”
Brandon M.
“It is well laid out, and it builds on each lesson, draws the students in, and pulls them to the next lesson. The voice and tone of the AI character are realistic and inviting. Great job!”
DeNeen A.
“I liked the descriptive words used to help define what was trying to be taught. On top of that I liked the visuals that were used as they helped me understand more of what was being said.”
Isaiah C.
“I’m very eager about exploring the visionary leadership concept more!”
Deonte H.
The videos were quick and concise. It definitely did a good job on understanding the key points by providing examples. It gives more than just the information that was on in the slides, describing each sub-point in more detail. Overall great.”
Judah L.
“Having video content is great! I also like the small chunks of content overall….”
Nick R.

What distinguishes Gentz IQ as a standout leader in the EdTech Industry?


To boost self-efficacy and self-esteem in young men by revolutionizing the way one learns and develops soft skills through engaging, rewarding and accessible gamified eLearning experiences. 


Gentz IQ aspires to be the leading gamified eLearning platform that empowers individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential through the acquisition and application of essential soft skills. 

Business Model: B2B2C

  • Access to demo only
  • Basic gamification elements
  • No access to premium content or advanced features
  • 1 user
  • Full access to core features
  • Basic gamification elements
  • Access to a limited library of content or resources
  • Limited user support
  • 24/5 email support
  • Up to five (5) users
  • 1 admin account
  • Full access to all core features
  • Enhanced gamification elements
  • Access to a broader library of content or resources
  • 24/7 Priority customer support
  • Ability to track progress and performance metrics
  • LinkedIn skills badges
  • Up to sixty-five (65) users
  • 2 admins accounts
  • All features included in the Premium Tier
  • Advanced analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 email support
  • Customizable features or content options
  • LinkedIn skills badges and certifications
  • Integration with existing systems or tools
  • Training and onboarding sessions for users
  • Priority access to new features
  • Advanced security features

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Pilot Roadmap

Phase 1:

Q1 – Q4 2024 

Gentz IQ launch

Website launch

Secure experiment funding

Demo course experiment launch

  Validated learning

√ Launch social media campaign

Pre-seed fundraising

Gentz IQ 1.0 development

Secure 10 B2B pilot partnership


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